Artists On Main

One of the great things about Bethlehem, PA is the quantity and quality of local artists. On July 8th, businesses on Main St. hosted artists who displayed, demonstrated, and sold their art.

“Um, it’s almost September. What’s with the lateness in posting?”

Well, I’ve been a wee bit busy. Here are just some of the things I’ve done since July 8th: started a home remodeling project, completed multiple commissioned pieces, went on vacation, caught a cold, went to South Carolina to see the total eclipse, created a recipe for bacon rum cookies, and ran numerous tests on the laser cutter.

Crazy busy

As you can see, legit busy. Anyway, back to Artists On Main…

This time, I was at Aardvark Sports Shop in the Main Street Commons.


Why yes, I did cut my hair. Thanks for noticing!

I got to talk to a lot of people, and explain how needle felting works.

Repeatedly stabbing otter

While I was dazzling folks with my mad crafting skillz (or something a little more humble), my husband walked around Main St. and met the other artists.

The only downside to participating is that I can’t go and see their work for myself! (Well, that and the music selection playing at the commons. Seriously, it was like the mediocre hits of the past 50 years.)


The next Artists on Main is September 9th, 3-6 PM . Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for updates!





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